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Solar lighting shows the way for green construction

Solar lighting is one of the new energy efficient solutions arriving on the market offering a host of advantages for contractors and hire companies alike. At HEXhire, we offer exceptional solar lighting options and can supply clients all over Melbourne and Victoria with this ground-breaking option. The solar light towers operate by soaking up the power of the sun during the day to allow you to light your work site through night shifts, those early starts, and late finishes.

Key advantages

Fast and easy to set up, the trailer-mounted Solar Lighting Towers give you the flexibility to move them to wherever you may need them across your site. The lights can be operated manually, through a programmable timer, or operated via an auto light sensitive sensor which picks up on when natural light levels are low and turns the tower on as required.

Driving costs down has never been more important - and with zero fuel required it’s easy to see why solar lighting is so popular. And with the latest in lithium ion batteries our Solar Lighting Towers offer 48 hours of uninterrupted lighting from one complete charge. Their innovative design means they are one of the most efficient solar lighting towers on the market as well with just 1 hour of sunlight equating to enough charge for 4 hours of lighting.

Health, Safety, and Renewability

Health and safety is a major concern for all construction partners and in a time of hectic schedules, night-time work is becoming more and more common. Solar lighting ensures that a better-lit site is a safer site. With no fuel required and therefore no emissions our Solar Lighting Towers are also safe for use indoors or in partially covered or enclosed areas. No engine also means no noise, ensuring our Silent Solar Lights are perfectly suited for enclosed areas or next to residential or public areas.

With more pressure than ever on builders and contractors to reduce costs, energy and emissions, solar lighting has never been a better option for the construction industry.

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