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How plant hire can make a construction project more environmentally sustainable

In today’s rapidly evolving world, sustainability has become a pressing concern across various industries. The construction sector has a significant impact on the environment, with emissions from heavy machinery and equipment contributing to carbon footprints. To address these challenges, sustainable plant hire is gaining traction, offering a responsible and eco-friendly approach to the equipment rental process. The use of a plant hire company that is committed to sustainability can positively impact the environment as they prioritise energy efficient, less noisy, and low carbon emissions.

Reducing carbon emissions not only improves overall air quality but also assists in slowing the effects of global warming.

Plant Hire in Melbourne helps reduce emissions and cost

There are a number of ways in which construction can play a part in reducing environmental impact:

  1. Providing maintenance and regularly servicing equipment ensuring it is in tip-top condition will increase efficiency in machinery, thus increasing the efficiency of projects and job sites from machines operating efficiently as they should be.

  2. A modern fleet of late-model plant such as HEXhire’s fleet is more efficient and has lower emissions.

  3. Focussing on renewable energy is the perfect combination of reducing running costs on-site and benefiting the environment. Solar lighting towers rely exclusively on renewable energy. HEXhire has lighting towers in its range which are fully solar operational Request a quote here.

Eco-friendly innovations save costs and help the environment

Digital transformation and solutions have been key in increasing speed and allow for increased detail in the way machines operate. Among these are:

  • Telematics systems enable real time monitoring and tracking of plant equipment. This allows for precise scheduling, optimal resource allocation, and reduced downtime.
  • Automated processes and remote-controlled machinery have enhanced efficiency. One of these cutting-edge technologies, Intelligent Machine Control, is available in some of HEXhire’s range and offers unmatched improvement in productivity for customers.
  • Tier 4 and tier 5 engine requirements were created by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority). These rules have been put in place to lessen the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and other air pollutants that are released. All HEXhire’s range are Tier 4 and Tier 5 standard apart from a couple of 1.7T excavators.
  • Hybrid machines generate motion using two or more different power sources. Energy is transformed from engine output into both electrical and hydraulic energy. Lower energy conversion and transmission losses and upper-structure kinetic energy regeneration are both achieved.
  • No-Idle Initiative on worksites is a key method to reduce emissions, save fuel, and prevent wear and tear on machines. Thousands of tons of emissions will be prevented from entering our environment from this initiative which is being adopted on construction sites worldwide.
  • Robotic Intelligence: Tasks that were once labour-intensive and time-consuming can now be completed swiftly and accurately, all thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence.

Excavator for hire Melbourne

Efficient plant in action

The 24-tonne Sumitomo excavator in the HEXhire range is an example of how late-model machinery is more efficient to use, with the eco-friendly innovations of auto-idle and auto-turn-off systems saving fuel usage. There is an 18 percent increase in fuel efficiency on the SH235 model.

Smart Power control assists in reducing the amount of fuel consumed while in operation due to two systems that work together to also improve efficiency.

The cost and regulatory benefits to sustainability
  • Economic Benefits: When you hire from a company that focuses on purchasing new machines that are energy efficient, this translates into lower operating costs, improved productivity, and increased lifespan.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The Australian government is imposing ever stricter regulations around the protection of the environment. Hiring sustainable plant and equipment will ensure construction companies remain compliant with such regulations.
  • The integration of technology in modern plant hire has revolutionised the construction industry by maximising efficiency, reducing costs, and delivering projects with greater speed and precision.
Excavator for hire Melbourne
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