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Mini plant hire and machinery is easy to pick up, transport and operate

In the plant hire industry, there are more duties for a contractor, landscaper, or DIY enthusiast than you would imagine. They say dynamite comes in small packages. It’s true for construction machinery too. Smaller machinery is a user-friendly and practical solution that’s effective for more than just tight spaces.

Benefits when hiring smaller machinery for construction, home and garden DIY or demolition works
  • Easy to transport: Smaller machinery is designed for easy transport on a car and trailer, making it more convenient to get to your site and for moving around.
  • User-friendly operation: Mini plant hire items are designed to be user-friendly. Simple control systems and interfaces mean that even with limited experience you can quickly learn how to operate them.
  • Accessibility: The little guys are more manoeuvrable in tight areas, making them a more practical choice in urban and residential areas. Low noise levels are also an upside.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring will save on the upfront cost, maintenance, and storage expenses or space associated with owning such equipment.
  • Maintenance and support: When you hire machinery, maintenance and repairs are carried out by the hire company, which saves hassle and downtime.
  • On-demand availability: Renting smaller machinery allows you to access the equipment you need, and to hire it in good condition.
Mini plant hire items that can be easily transported with an aluminium trailer from HEXhire
  • PT30 and RT40 skidsteers or positracks
  • 1T high-tip dumpers
  • 2.5T excavators
  • 1.7T mini excavators
  • Moon buggies or trench rollers
  • Vibrating compactor plate
Where mini excavators, skidsteers, dumpers, and compaction equipment can be used


  • Replacing or installing fences, trees, shrubs, paths, and walkways in re-arranging or constructing professional gardens, pavements, or green areas.
  • Standard digging and grading can be completed in less time.
  • Compaction equipment gives a smooth finish.

Residential works:

  • A 1T high-tip dumper fits inside houses or garages and is useful for clearing out materials which can be self-loaded, emptied into another dumper or trailer and can reach higher into an existing pile.
  • Vibrating compactor plates, and trench rollers, also known as moon buggies, are suitable for compacting materials such as soil, small chip, and tarmacadam.


  • Digging trenches to divert rainwater.
  • Installing temporary and permanent fencing around perimeters.
  • Cleaning out sheds that house livestock is a perfect job for a mini skidsteer, or positrack.
  • Mini excavators are useful for fencing duties and trench rollers can level fill where cable is added or replaced.

Additional note: Farmers would make lots of use with a 1.7T mini excavator and a skid steer lying around their yard!

Events and entertainment:

  • Festivals, markets, or outdoor shows are usually setup within short timeframes. Smaller machinery is useful for getting structures like temporary stages or marquees ready for events and in un-assembling them in the aftermath.
  • A 1.7T mini excavator with a trailer, and a skidsteer or dumper used for cleaning up materials save time and money on manual labour.
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The choice to use small machinery proves to be a smart one in many ways, particularly avoiding having to carry materials manually. Next time you're planning a project, consider the advantages of smaller machinery rental as it might be the solution you’ve been looking for. HEXhire have over 130 items of earthmoving plant and machinery, and you can check out the full range here.

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