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Portable lighting towers save on running costs

5 benefits of using portable solar lighting towers in construction
  1. Cost-effective: Solar lighting costs nothing to run. They’re a little more to hire but this is quickly made up by the fact that you don’t pay for fuel.
  2. Sustainable lighting: One of the defining features of solar lighting towers is their ability to operate without fuel. It alleviates the dependency on fossil fuels and eliminates the associated costs and emissions, contributing to a greener planet.
  3. Low-operating noise: Solar lighting towers are known for their low noise emission. It makes them an ideal choice for noise-sensitive areas such as residential sites, especially because they work at night.
  4. Set and forget convenience: There’s no need to fire up the engine of a light tower. Solar models require minimal intervention, offering a hassle-free lighting solution.
  5. Easy to transport: The smart design means they can operate in tight spaces. They can be transported with a quick hitch quite easily.
Modern solar lighting towers rise to any occasion

From a construction site to an outdoor event, you can light up an area with the flick of a switch. Solar lighting towers provide versatility as they only require a small area of level ground, about 2.5 metres by 2.5 metres.

Solar lighting Q&A
  • How does a solar light tower work?

Solar light towers have photovoltaic panels which capture energy released by the sun. The energy is maintained and stored in a battery which then releases the energy by providing light through the bulbs in the tower.

  • Does a solar light tower or diesel light tower cost more to hire?

On average, a diesel light tower costs $220 to fill up and the hire rate is between $250-$275 per week. Once you add in the labour costs to have someone on site to turn each unit on individually, then a diesel tower will cost significantly more than a solar light tower.

  • What capacity are solar light towers?

Metro GPK43 light towers are in the HEXhire range. They have a running time of 36 hours, with a 7.7kWh lithium battery which has an approximate life expectancy of six thousand cycles. Mast height is 7.5 metres, and they cover an area of 130 metres by 120 metres.

  • Do solar powered light towers work in winter?

6 hours of overcast will get you 18 operating hours in the winter months.

  • How long do solar light towers last?

Batteries hold charge in solar light towers, which can run for 36 hours or more depending on the capacity.

  • Do solar lights need sunlight or just daylight?

They will work in daylight due to the battery holding power, but they will charge better receiving direct sunlight.

  • Do solar lights charge on cloudy or rainy days?

The clearer the sky, the better the efficiency. Solar towers can pick up any rays of sunlight, even through gaps in the clouds on overcast days.

  • How long do solar lights last?

7.7 kWh lithium batteries have a life expectancy of approximately six thousand cycles.

  • How much is it to hire a Metro GP43K?

Competitive rates are guaranteed with HEXhire. Contact our team to schedule your hire.

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