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Fastest Turnaround in Melbourne and Victoria

Meet the people behind the scenes who ensure you get the fastest turnaround in Melbourne for machinery hire.  

Step 1: Receiving client request. 

When your call comes in, you will talk to our hire controller, Nikolas Smith. He looks after the logistics, answering incoming calls and coordinating the machines for orders. He will answer any of your queries and list all aspects of your order.  

Step 2: Pre-checking the order. 

Once we have all the details of what you require, the order form then goes through a pre-check process with our plant and machinery detailer, Damien Moloney (also known as Damo). He helps eliminate the possibility of any oversight and guarantees that each element of the order is thoroughly reviewed.

Step 3: Safety inspection of the machine(s). 

To ensure optimal readiness for work and compliance with all safety requirements, our trusty Damo then goes and conducts a rigorous inspection of the machines on the order form. This thorough examination involves a careful assessment of each component to ensure that it is functioning at peak efficiency. 


Step 4: Power cleaning the machine(s). 

After that, Damo gives the machine a final clean power clean, ensuring the machine can perform at peak productivity while looking pristine when heading out to site.


Step 5: Securing and transporting the machine(s) to site. 

Lastly the machine(s) are secured by our truck driver Eoghan Daly, who is responsible for delivering your order to site on time, every time. 

Our 5-step process summarised: 
Step 1: The request. 

We answer your call and take down the details of your requirements. 


Step 2: The pre-check.  

To eliminate any possibility of oversight and to guarantee that each part of the order is correct, another member of the staff thoroughly reviews orders. 


Step 3: Safety Inspection. 

Our team carefully assesses each component of the machines to ensure they are functioning at peak efficiency. Safety is a priority and every machine that leaves our yard must meet safety protocols. 


Step 4: The big clean. 

Each machine is power cleaned before it goes out, so the next operator gets to work with a spic-and-span machine that performs optimally.   


Step 5: Departure time. 

We carefully load and secure the machines before transporting them to site for delivery on time, every time. 


See the video of the steps in motion here.

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