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How to set up a solar light tower

Solar power offers a sustainable and cost-effective site lighting solution. HEXhire has an extensive fleet of portable solar-lighting towers. They’re easy to set up and move. Simply follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Secure the unit

Position the machine facing north, then pull up the brake to keep it still. Utilise wheel chocks as needed.

The wheel chocks are situated on the sides of the unit, slotted on either side. To correctly position the wheel chocks against the wheel, place the tip of the triangle against the wheel, with the handle of the wheel chock closest to the ground.


Check the following before proceeding:

  • Emergency stop – ensure it’s pulled out. There are times where it can be accidently pushed in without realising.
  • Battery isolators – make sure they are in the right position.
  • PV isolators – make sure they are in the right position.
Step 2: Stabilise the unit by adjusting the four legs

Take the handle from the tray located on the left side of the unit box. Position it to adjust the leg by fitting the end of the handle onto the metal bolt. Then, align the adjustable leg with the last hole in the upper metal slot and insert the metal stick into a hole.

Lastly, use the handle you've set up to lower the leg until it firmly rests on the ground.

Tip: To confirm if the unit is level, check the level indicator light. Ensure the bubble is centered within the level indicator for proper leveling. If the unit isn't level, it won’t work.

Step 3: Charge solar light tower

To ensure the solar light tower is properly charging, pull out the solar panels. To lock the panels in place, go behind the panel and turn the handle to the left.

Note: To unlock the panel, pull down the same handle you use to lock and turn it back to the right.

Step 4: Choose your light setting

You can choose your light setting using the centre black switch. There are four options:

  • Timer: For this setting you can set the time you want the lights to turn on and when it will turn off. (We do not recommend this setting as it can be complicated to set up.)
  • Auto: The auto setting will have the lights turn on from dusk till dawn.
  • Manual: Light will remain constantly on.
  • Off: This will turn the light off.

Recommended: We recommend you put the unit on auto, as this is the hassle-free option, allowing you to essentially set and forget.

Step 5: Positioning the light

With the ability to raise, tilt and rotate 360⁰, you can adjust the light to suit your site requirements.

  • To rotate and tilt, use the relevant switch labelled on the switch board.
  • To raise the light, hold down the "Deadman Switch" and then at the same time on the remote press the "up" or "down" button.


If nothing else is working and you have done all the steps, press the machine “Reset” button. And retry.

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HEXhire is committed to providing low-hour machines for hire and has an extensive fleet of machinery and equipment on offer at guaranteed best prices. If you have any issue with setting up the solar light towers please feel free to contact your consultant, who is on standby to assist.

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