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Advantages of hiring or buying low-hour machinery

What is a low-hour machinery? 

When machinery has low operational usage, it’s referred to as low-hour, indicating less wear and tear compared to higher-hour machinery. On average, machines with 800 hours or less are considered low-hour. This makes them an attractive option for buyers or renters seeking equipment with extended operational life and reliability.  


What are the advantages of hiring or buying low-hour machinery? 

There are many reasons to choose low-hour equipment, and advantages include: 

  • Time efficient: Less down time for maintenance compared to older machines; 
  • Accuracy: A newer and tighter machine will bring you higher accuracy and better performance; 
  • Greater comfort: Low-hour machines tend to be newer models and more comfortable for operators, which translates to a better sense of wellbeing in your work force.  
  • Performance benefits: They offer increased productivity and better overall performance; 
  • Resale: Low-hour machines often retain higher resale values, making them a cost-effective investment; 
  • Cost saving: They are more fuel efficient; 
  • Versatility: Low-hour machines can access more Tier 1 sites. 

Low cost, quality low-hour machinery 

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