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Advantages of hiring or buying low-hour machinery

What is a low-hour machinery? 

When machinery has low operational usage, it’s referred to as low-hour, indicating less wear and tear compared to higher-hour machinery. On average, machines with 800 hours or less are considered low-hour. This makes them an attractive option for buyers or renters seeking equipment with extended operational life and reliability.  


What are the advantages of hiring or buying low-hour machinery? 

There are many reasons to choose low-hour equipment, and advantages include: 

  • Time efficient: Less down time for maintenance compared to older machines; 
  • Accuracy: A newer and tighter machine will bring you higher accuracy and better performance; 
  • Greater comfort: Low-hour machines tend to be newer models and more comfortable for operators, which translates to a better sense of wellbeing in your work force.  
  • Performance benefits: They offer increased productivity and better overall performance; 
  • Resale: Low-hour machines often retain higher resale values, making them a cost-effective investment; 
  • Cost saving: They are more fuel efficient; 
  • Versatility: Low-hour machines can access more Tier 1 sites. 


Low cost, quality low-hour machinery 

HEXhire is committed to only providing low-hour machines for hire, with more than 160 items of machinery and equipment available at guaranteed best prices. Browse our extensive range here. Or get in contact with any of our knowledgeable staff here 

Mini plant hire and machinery is easy to pick up, transport and operate

In the plant hire industry, there are more duties for a contractor, landscaper, or DIY enthusiast than you would imagine. They say dynamite comes in small packages. It’s true for construction machinery too. Smaller machinery is a user-friendly and practical solution that’s effective for more than just tight spaces.

Benefits when hiring smaller machinery for construction, home and garden DIY or demolition works
  • Easy to transport: Smaller machinery is designed for easy transport on a car and trailer, making it more convenient to get to your site and for moving around.
  • User-friendly operation: Mini plant hire items are designed to be user-friendly. Simple control systems and interfaces mean that even with limited experience you can quickly learn how to operate them.
  • Accessibility: The little guys are more manoeuvrable in tight areas, making them a more practical choice in urban and residential areas. Low noise levels are also an upside.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring will save on the upfront cost, maintenance, and storage expenses or space associated with owning such equipment.
  • Maintenance and support: When you hire machinery, maintenance and repairs are carried out by the hire company, which saves hassle and downtime.
  • On-demand availability: Renting smaller machinery allows you to access the equipment you need, and to hire it in good condition.
Mini plant hire items that can be easily transported with an aluminium trailer from HEXhire
  • PT30 and RT40 skidsteers or positracks
  • 1T high-tip dumpers
  • 2.5T excavators
  • 1.7T mini excavators
  • Moon buggies or trench rollers
  • Vibrating compactor plate
Where mini excavators, skidsteers, dumpers, and compaction equipment can be used


  • Replacing or installing fences, trees, shrubs, paths, and walkways in re-arranging or constructing professional gardens, pavements, or green areas.
  • Standard digging and grading can be completed in less time.
  • Compaction equipment gives a smooth finish.


Residential works:

  • A 1T high-tip dumper fits inside houses or garages and is useful for clearing out materials which can be self-loaded, emptied into another dumper or trailer and can reach higher into an existing pile.
  • Vibrating compactor plates, and trench rollers, also known as moon buggies, are suitable for compacting materials such as soil, small chip, and tarmacadam.



  • Digging trenches to divert rainwater.
  • Installing temporary and permanent fencing around perimeters.
  • Cleaning out sheds that house livestock is a perfect job for a mini skidsteer, or positrack.
  • Mini excavators are useful for fencing duties and trench rollers can level fill where cable is added or replaced.

Additional note: Farmers would make lots of use with a 1.7T mini excavator and a skid steer lying around their yard!

Events and entertainment:

  • Festivals, markets, or outdoor shows are usually setup within short timeframes. Smaller machinery is useful for getting structures like temporary stages or marquees ready for events and in un-assembling them in the aftermath.
  • A 1.7T mini excavator with a trailer, and a skidsteer or dumper used for cleaning up materials save time and money on manual labour.
Get the best plant hire rates in Melbourne and Victoria

The choice to use small machinery proves to be a smart one in many ways, particularly avoiding having to carry materials manually. Next time you’re planning a project, consider the advantages of smaller machinery rental as it might be the solution you’ve been looking for. HEXhire have over 130 items of earthmoving plant and machinery, and you can check out the full range here.

Delivery to site is available on time, every time. Get in touch with our team to schedule your hire here.

Hiring versus buying plant and machinery

When it comes to deciding whether to hire or buy plant and machinery, one size doesn’t fit all. We have found with our clients that there isn’t a hard and fast rule. Some prefer to own the bigger plant such as 30- to 80-tonne excavators; others own a range of small plant and rent the bigger models.

Key factors in deciding whether to rent or buy construction machinery
  1. Cost efficiencies: The biggest cost consideration is how much you will use the machine over time. If it’s likely to just get short- or medium-length spurts of activity, hiring is the better option. This avoids costs of asset depreciation, insurance, maintenance and repairs and technology becoming dated and inefficient.
  2. Availability: If the machine is owned by you, it’s available provided it’s not lounging in your workshop waiting for repairs or servicing. However, when you choose to hire, you schedule the machine needed, it arrives to site and, in the unlikely event something goes wrong, a team of mechanics is sent immediately to repair or replace your plant. That translates to peace of mind and minimal downtime.
  3. Flexibility: Very few contractors can carry a full fleet with every size and machine they’re likely to need. Hiring allows you to scale up or down at any time. It also avoids the situation where you would try to make do with machines that don’t quite fit the job. You’re not attempting to fit a round peg into a square hole, or a 24T excavator into a small space (we have 1.7T machines ready to hire for that job).
  4. Modern and up to date: Renting gives you access to the most advanced and up-to-date machinery and equipment without the need for significant capital investment. As technology evolves more efficient and cost-effective machinery are readily available to hire.
  5. Maintenance and repairs: Rental companies take care of all maintenance and repairs, so you can avoid the associated time loss.
  6. Storage and space: Renting eliminates the need for long-term storage.


Range, convenience, and modern plant at the click of a button

With more than 130 items of plant and machinery in the HEXhire fleet, you are sure to get what you need for any job. Browse the range:

  • Excavators
  • Rollers
  • Telehandlers
  • Dumpers
  • Water Trucks
  • Attachments
  • Light Towers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Positracks

The fleet is regularly upgraded with newer models. If you are looking to buy plant, keep an eye out for our second-hand sale items.

Schedule your hire here.

Portable lighting towers save on running costs

5 benefits of using portable solar lighting towers in construction
  1. Cost-effective: Solar lighting costs nothing to run. They’re a little more to hire but this is quickly made up by the fact that you don’t pay for fuel.
  2. Sustainable lighting: One of the defining features of solar lighting towers is their ability to operate without fuel. It alleviates the dependency on fossil fuels and eliminates the associated costs and emissions, contributing to a greener planet.
  3. Low-operating noise: Solar lighting towers are known for their low noise emission. It makes them an ideal choice for noise-sensitive areas such as residential sites, especially because they work at night.
  4. Set and forget convenience: There’s no need to fire up the engine of a light tower. Solar models require minimal intervention, offering a hassle-free lighting solution.
  5. Easy to transport: The smart design means they can operate in tight spaces. They can be transported with a quick hitch quite easily.


Modern solar lighting towers rise to any occasion

From a construction site to an outdoor event, you can light up an area with the flick of a switch. Solar lighting towers provide versatility as they only require a small area of level ground, about 2.5 metres by 2.5 metres.

Solar lighting Q&A
  • How does a solar light tower work?

Solar light towers have photovoltaic panels which capture energy released by the sun. The energy is maintained and stored in a battery which then releases the energy by providing light through the bulbs in the tower.

  • Does a solar light tower or diesel light tower cost more to hire?

On average, a diesel light tower costs $220 to fill up and the hire rate is between $250-$275 per week. Once you add in the labour costs to have someone on site to turn each unit on individually, then a diesel tower will cost significantly more than a solar light tower.

  • What capacity are solar light towers?

Metro GPK43 light towers are in the HEXhire range. They have a running time of 36 hours, with a 7.7kWh lithium battery which has an approximate life expectancy of six thousand cycles. Mast height is 7.5 metres, and they cover an area of 130 metres by 120 metres.

  • Do solar powered light towers work in winter?

6 hours of overcast will get you 18 operating hours in the winter months.

  • How long do solar light towers last?

Batteries hold charge in solar light towers, which can run for 36 hours or more depending on the capacity.

  • Do solar lights need sunlight or just daylight?

They will work in daylight due to the battery holding power, but they will charge better receiving direct sunlight.

  • Do solar lights charge on cloudy or rainy days?

The clearer the sky, the better the efficiency. Solar towers can pick up any rays of sunlight, even through gaps in the clouds on overcast days.

  • How long do solar lights last?

7.7 kWh lithium batteries have a life expectancy of approximately six thousand cycles.

  • How much is it to hire a Metro GP43K?

Competitive rates are guaranteed with HEXhire. Contact our team to schedule your hire.

Next steps to hire portable solar lighting

HEXhire has more than 50 portable solar lighting towers for hire. Contact the team for best prices and to book. See the full range of plant and machinery for hire here.

How plant hire can make a construction project more environmentally sustainable

In today’s rapidly evolving world, sustainability has become a pressing concern across various industries. The construction sector has a significant impact on the environment, with emissions from heavy machinery and equipment contributing to carbon footprints. To address these challenges, sustainable plant hire is gaining traction, offering a responsible and eco-friendly approach to the equipment rental process. The use of a plant hire company that is committed to sustainability can positively impact the environment as they prioritise energy efficient, less noisy, and low carbon emissions.

Reducing carbon emissions not only improves overall air quality but also assists in slowing the effects of global warming.

Plant Hire in Melbourne helps reduce emissions and cost

There are a number of ways in which construction can play a part in reducing environmental impact:

  1. Providing maintenance and regularly servicing equipment ensuring it is in tip-top condition will increase efficiency in machinery, thus increasing the efficiency of projects and job sites from machines operating efficiently as they should be.

  2. A modern fleet of late-model plant such as HEXhire’s fleet is more efficient and has lower emissions.

  3. Focussing on renewable energy is the perfect combination of reducing running costs on-site and benefiting the environment. Solar lighting towers rely exclusively on renewable energy. HEXhire has lighting towers in its range which are fully solar operational Request a quote here.

Eco-friendly innovations save costs and help the environment

Digital transformation and solutions have been key in increasing speed and allow for increased detail in the way machines operate. Among these are:

  • Telematics systems enable real time monitoring and tracking of plant equipment. This allows for precise scheduling, optimal resource allocation, and reduced downtime.
  • Automated processes and remote-controlled machinery have enhanced efficiency. One of these cutting-edge technologies, Intelligent Machine Control, is available in some of HEXhire’s range and offers unmatched improvement in productivity for customers.
  • Tier 4 and tier 5 engine requirements were created by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority). These rules have been put in place to lessen the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and other air pollutants that are released. All HEXhire’s range are Tier 4 and Tier 5 standard apart from a couple of 1.7T excavators.
  • Hybrid machines generate motion using two or more different power sources. Energy is transformed from engine output into both electrical and hydraulic energy. Lower energy conversion and transmission losses and upper-structure kinetic energy regeneration are both achieved.
  • No-Idle Initiative on worksites is a key method to reduce emissions, save fuel, and prevent wear and tear on machines. Thousands of tons of emissions will be prevented from entering our environment from this initiative which is being adopted on construction sites worldwide.
  • Robotic Intelligence: Tasks that were once labour-intensive and time-consuming can now be completed swiftly and accurately, all thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence.

Excavator for hire Melbourne

Efficient plant in action

The 24-tonne Sumitomo excavator in the HEXhire range is an example of how late-model machinery is more efficient to use, with the eco-friendly innovations of auto-idle and auto-turn-off systems saving fuel usage. There is an 18 percent increase in fuel efficiency on the SH235 model.

Smart Power control assists in reducing the amount of fuel consumed while in operation due to two systems that work together to also improve efficiency.

The cost and regulatory benefits to sustainability
  • Economic Benefits: When you hire from a company that focuses on purchasing new machines that are energy efficient, this translates into lower operating costs, improved productivity, and increased lifespan.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The Australian government is imposing ever stricter regulations around the protection of the environment. Hiring sustainable plant and equipment will ensure construction companies remain compliant with such regulations.
  • The integration of technology in modern plant hire has revolutionised the construction industry by maximising efficiency, reducing costs, and delivering projects with greater speed and precision.

Equipment focus – Dumpers

No matter what size your project, we have the right Site Dumper for you. From our small and nimble 1T Dumpers up to our easy-to-manoeuvre and powerful 9T Dumpers, all of our dumpers are easy to operate.

All models function well in all weather conditions, are highly efficient, and come with a range of excellent features. We supply only world leading brands including Thwaites, Wacker Neuson, NC Engineering, and more.

Site Dumpers are fast becoming a must for any project across construction, civil and infrastructure. Their hauling power coupled with their rugged manoeuvrability mean they can move materials around sites easily in all ground conditions.


Equipped with four-wheel drive, increased ground clearance, and an articulated joint, the site dumper stays stable on uneven ground to tackle varying conditions across site. The swivel skip allows you to tip material through 180 degrees giving you extra versatility and allowing you to adapt to site requirements.

Each one of our site dumpers are equipped with roll-over protection systems (ROPS), emergency e-stops, lockable isolators, flashing beacons, reversing squawker, reflective tape and a fire extinguisher. And in terms of maintenance, all machines come with a full service history, risk assessment, logbook and operators manual.

Latest Dual View Dumpers

Our latest model site dumpers incorporate the new Dual View feature. The innovative dual view concept allows the operator and cabin controls to turn through 180 degrees meaning they can always be facing in the direction of travel. The Dual View feature means your task is always front and centre to optimise your efficiency and is the latest in onsite plant safety.

We have assembled a very high-quality selection of dumpers available for hire all over Melbourne and Victoria. And each one is designed to save you time and money on your project.

Solar lighting shows the way for green construction

Solar lighting is one of the new energy efficient solutions arriving on the market offering a host of advantages for contractors and hire companies alike. At HEXhire, we offer exceptional solar lighting options and can supply clients all over Melbourne and Victoria with this ground-breaking option. The solar light towers operate by soaking up the power of the sun during the day to allow you to light your work site through night shifts, those early starts, and late finishes.

Key advantages

Fast and easy to set up, the trailer-mounted Solar Lighting Towers give you the flexibility to move them to wherever you may need them across your site. The lights can be operated manually, through a programmable timer, or operated via an auto light sensitive sensor which picks up on when natural light levels are low and turns the tower on as required.

Driving costs down has never been more important – and with zero fuel required it’s easy to see why solar lighting is so popular. And with the latest in lithium ion batteries our Solar Lighting Towers offer 48 hours of uninterrupted lighting from one complete charge. Their innovative design means they are one of the most efficient solar lighting towers on the market as well with just 1 hour of sunlight equating to enough charge for 4 hours of lighting.

Health, Safety, and Renewability

Health and safety is a major concern for all construction partners and in a time of hectic schedules, night-time work is becoming more and more common. Solar lighting ensures that a better-lit site is a safer site. With no fuel required and therefore no emissions our Solar Lighting Towers are also safe for use indoors or in partially covered or enclosed areas. No engine also means no noise, ensuring our Silent Solar Lights are perfectly suited for enclosed areas or next to residential or public areas.

With more pressure than ever on builders and contractors to reduce costs, energy and emissions, solar lighting has never been a better option for the construction industry.

Get in touch today and find out more about what solar lighting can do for you.

Harte Excavation has rebranded as HEXhire

With our new premises at 33-35 Adrian Rd Campbellfield, our whole team at Hexhire is looking forward to busy times ahead. Thanks to our new look website, brand new premises and a growing team, we have never been better placed to supply high quality plant and equipment to clients of all sizes in the construction industry all over Melbourne and Victoria.

New facility

Our excellent new facility has been purpose-built for our plant hire business. With plenty of space available and in a central location, it is also very easy for customers to reach and access. We have our own onsite maintenance team ensuring all equipment is kept in top class condition. Our people will also be on hand to talk through your plant hire options when you visit. A fully furnished reception area means you can even sit down and have a coffee while you wait.

New name, same values

We took the decision to rebrand the company recently and so far, we have got great feedback from so many customers. Our new look-and-feel can be seen on our brand new website, which allows all customers to view our extensive range with ease. In our blog section, you’ll be able to read about new machines for hire and other stories of interest in the construction sector. One thing that certainly has not changed is that same customer service and reliability you always enjoyed with Harte Excavation.

HEXhire is well and truly up and running. And with a new location, brand new website, and a group of exceptional people on our team, we are looking forward to the months ahead.  This year, we look forward once again to providing first-class equipment to builders all over Victoria and beyond.