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Harte Excavations Pty Ltd ACN 158 625 515 as The Trustee for Harte
Discretionary Family Trust No 2 ABN 74 848 500 748 trading as Hex Hire
of 33-35 Adrian Road, Campbellfield in the State of Victoria

(Hex Hire)




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A. Hex Hire is in the business of hiring plant and equipment.

B. The Parties are entering into this Master Hire Agreement to provide for the hire of Equipment requested by the Hirer from time to time.


Capitalised terms in this Master Hire Agreement have the meaning given to those terms in the Hire Terms annexed hereto (as amended from time to time).


1. This Master Hire Agreement governs the hire of Equipment from Hex Hire to the Hirer.

2. When the Hirer wishes to hire any Equipment from Hex Hire (with or without an Operator), Hex Hire may specify the details of the Equipment to be hired, along with particulars of the hire arrangement, in a Hire Schedule. The Hirer agrees that by signing the Hire Schedule or directing Hex Hire to mobilise the Equipment, they will be taken to have accepted and to be immediately bound by the hire contract in the same manner as provided for in clause 3.3 of the Hire Terms.

3. Each hire contract will not constitute a separate hire agreement but rather will be read together with, and form part of, this Master Hire Agreement incorporating all the provisions of this Master Hire Agreement and the Hire Terms (as amended from time to time)

Executed as an agreement.

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EXECUTED on behalf of HARTE EXCAVATIONS PTY LTD ACN 158 625 515 in its capacity as trustee for HARTE DISCRETIONARY FAMILY TRUST NO 2 ABN 74 848 500 748 by its duly authorised agent in accordance with section 126 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth):

EXECUTED on behalf of the HIRER by its duly authorised agent in accordance with section 126 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth):

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