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Equipment focus – Dumpers

No matter what size your project, we have the right Site Dumper for you. From our small and nimble 1T Dumpers up to our easy-to-manoeuvre and powerful 9T Dumpers, all of our dumpers are easy to operate.

All models function well in all weather conditions, are highly efficient, and come with a range of excellent features. We supply only world leading brands including Thwaites, Wacker Neuson, NC Engineering, and more.

Site Dumpers are fast becoming a must for any project across construction, civil and infrastructure. Their hauling power coupled with their rugged manoeuvrability mean they can move materials around sites easily in all ground conditions.


Equipped with four-wheel drive, increased ground clearance, and an articulated joint, the site dumper stays stable on uneven ground to tackle varying conditions across site. The swivel skip allows you to tip material through 180 degrees giving you extra versatility and allowing you to adapt to site requirements.

Each one of our site dumpers are equipped with roll-over protection systems (ROPS), emergency e-stops, lockable isolators, flashing beacons, reversing squawker, reflective tape and a fire extinguisher. And in terms of maintenance, all machines come with a full service history, risk assessment, logbook and operators manual.

Latest Dual View Dumpers

Our latest model site dumpers incorporate the new Dual View feature. The innovative dual view concept allows the operator and cabin controls to turn through 180 degrees meaning they can always be facing in the direction of travel. The Dual View feature means your task is always front and centre to optimise your efficiency and is the latest in onsite plant safety.

We have assembled a very high-quality selection of dumpers available for hire all over Melbourne and Victoria. And each one is designed to save you time and money on your project.

Solar lighting shows the way for green construction

Solar lighting is one of the new energy efficient solutions arriving on the market offering a host of advantages for contractors and hire companies alike. At HEXhire, we offer exceptional solar lighting options and can supply clients all over Melbourne and Victoria with this ground-breaking option. The solar light towers operate by soaking up the power of the sun during the day to allow you to light your work site through night shifts, those early starts, and late finishes.

Key advantages

Fast and easy to set up, the trailer-mounted Solar Lighting Towers give you the flexibility to move them to wherever you may need them across your site. The lights can be operated manually, through a programmable timer, or operated via an auto light sensitive sensor which picks up on when natural light levels are low and turns the tower on as required.

Driving costs down has never been more important – and with zero fuel required it’s easy to see why solar lighting is so popular. And with the latest in lithium ion batteries our Solar Lighting Towers offer 48 hours of uninterrupted lighting from one complete charge. Their innovative design means they are one of the most efficient solar lighting towers on the market as well with just 1 hour of sunlight equating to enough charge for 4 hours of lighting.

Health, Safety, and Renewability

Health and safety is a major concern for all construction partners and in a time of hectic schedules, night-time work is becoming more and more common. Solar lighting ensures that a better-lit site is a safer site. With no fuel required and therefore no emissions our Solar Lighting Towers are also safe for use indoors or in partially covered or enclosed areas. No engine also means no noise, ensuring our Silent Solar Lights are perfectly suited for enclosed areas or next to residential or public areas.

With more pressure than ever on builders and contractors to reduce costs, energy and emissions, solar lighting has never been a better option for the construction industry.

Get in touch today and find out more about what solar lighting can do for you.

Harte Excavation has rebranded as HEXhire

With our new premises at 33-35 Adrian Rd Campbellfield, our whole team at Hexhire is looking forward to busy times ahead. Thanks to our new look website, brand new premises and a growing team, we have never been better placed to supply high quality plant and equipment to clients of all sizes in the construction industry all over Melbourne and Victoria.

New facility

Our excellent new facility has been purpose-built for our plant hire business. With plenty of space available and in a central location, it is also very easy for customers to reach and access. We have our own onsite maintenance team ensuring all equipment is kept in top class condition. Our people will also be on hand to talk through your plant hire options when you visit. A fully furnished reception area means you can even sit down and have a coffee while you wait.

New name, same values

We took the decision to rebrand the company recently and so far, we have got great feedback from so many customers. Our new look-and-feel can be seen on our brand new website, which allows all customers to view our extensive range with ease. In our blog section, you’ll be able to read about new machines for hire and other stories of interest in the construction sector. One thing that certainly has not changed is that same customer service and reliability you always enjoyed with Harte Excavation.

HEXhire is well and truly up and running. And with a new location, brand new website, and a group of exceptional people on our team, we are looking forward to the months ahead.  This year, we look forward once again to providing first-class equipment to builders all over Victoria and beyond.